bookGuitars and Gardenias: A country western love story thriller

Country western singer-megastar Matson Daley had always been surrounded by gorgeous women—but the party was getting old. He was ready to find and fall in love with the right woman. His woman. He’d had thousands of miles of highway to think about what she’d be like, and the fantasy turned real when he met Leah Hayes. Matson believes he’s found his true love in Leah, with her incomparable supermodel beauty, knowledge of the music business and kind, generous heart. Theirs is a whirlwind fairytale romance that evolves into something authentic and pure. But Leah possesses a terrifying, life-altering secret that she must reveal to Matson, though she’s not sure how or when. And Matson Daley has demons of his own. Unknown to him, by becoming his lover, Leah has unwittingly become a target for murder.
Will their dreams of being together ever come true?